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To introduce students to the field of nuclear science and industry while challenging their abilities as engineers and scientists to work independently as well as part of a team.


Potential candidates for an internship position at the Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center (RINSC) shall be legal United States residents over the age of 18 currently holding or seeking a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Physics, or a related field. High school students interested in an internship may also apply.

All candidates should send resumes to the Director and Reactor Supervisor. Candidates will be asked to come by the facility for an interview to ensure that the internship would fit their needs. Candidates must submit to and pass a standard background check.


Internships at the RINSC may last from one summer (May-August) up to one year. Students completing satisfactory work during a summer internship will be welcomed to return the following summer.

Start Date

Internships may begin at any point during the year.

Schedule and Compensation

Currently the RINSC does not have any paid internships. Unpaid interns can work with the staff to design a schedule that benefits both the intern and the Nuclear Science Center and fulfills program objectives.

Program Description

Intern’s time is split between three areas:

  • Reactor Operator Training
    • Operator training will include studying informational documents as well as hands-on work with the reactor.
    • It will also include time spent learning about the Health Physics requirements of the facility.
  • Facility Maintenance
    • Maintenance will include regularly scheduled items required by our license, as well as the upkeep and repair of equipment throughout the facility.
  • Special Projects
    • Special projects will be tailored to the intern’s specific area of academic studies and are designed to directly utilize their education to prepare them for a career in his/her respective industry, while assisting operations at the RINSC. These projects may be completed as an individual or as a group.


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